Saturday, August 12, 2017

Greydini - Bananas For Gatti

Somewhere in a world of music you are going to encounter sounds that completely confound you. Greydini has successfully shut me down. I don't understand! The pummeling feverish tempo slowing down long enough to continue on. Layers of sounds entering the pores of your skin. Bananas For Gatti is like a trap door spider, pulling you into to a dark punk hideout. Paralyzing and hypnotizing, vocals cutting through your body and horns laying you to rest.

Greydyn Wolfcow resides in a musical dimension apart from what we know. Channeling into our time framed world and utilizing the spectrum of modern sounds as a pallet. There is an early eighties rawness, without tempering and unfiltered. Eighteen tracks exploding in fifty minutes. Bananas For Gatti seems to arrive in the speakers on an electric arc. Murky static swirling around crashing beats. Don't let the saxophone mesmerize you because Greydyn has a serious story to reprogram your thoughts. A disparagement for the norm. Bananas For Gatti plays like a slashing foil to unprotected listeners. Greydini knows exactly how to command your attention and deliver fresh perspectives.

After researching this cassette found it was released last year on Tashyna Records. Could not find a site for the label, but did find a place to purchase Bananas For Gatti. You can also discover more about Greydyn Wolfcow through facebook. The youtube sample at the bottom of this post has a link to download this as well. At least for now.

Purchase Here
Wolfcow - facebook 
Greydini site 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Crown Larks - Population

Crown Larks have many ingredients with the biggest being their Chicago styled sound. Punchy guitar slicing silence with algorithmic patterns. Songs filled with diverse creativity. Genre bending and mind fraying, from punk psychedelia to revised folk disintegration. The new album Population even throws jazz roots in the ground, blossoming above all low hovering sounds.

Describing Crown Larks could be and endless en devour. Like a long fireworks show, each track detonating with it's own flavor and charm. Ten lengthy tracks, singing and swaying from the yardarms, on a course through time. Population cuts deep grooves in the sound waves, arriving from distant way points with musical exotica. So many instruments used, all beholden to a massive foundation in percussive power. There is a playfulness that gives way to serious tones. I am going to stretch to reach this connection, like Sixteen Horsepower going to the big city and meeting the James White to give them a tour. Crown Larks has such a solid foundation of talent, they make what seems extreme beautiful.

Released in May on Already Dead Tapes and Records. You can purchase Population on both cassette and vinyl. This is the second description for a Crown Larks release on Lost in a Sea of Sound. The first was just over two years ago for the cassette Blood Dancer, also released on Already Dead.    

Crown Larks site bandcamp - twitter - facebook
Already Dead Tapes and Records

Thursday, August 10, 2017

smellycaт - dearest

Smellycaт sniffing out sound tidbits and consummate moments in everyday life. The entire composition is inflated into a rotating sphere with small pinpricks allowing the notes to flow out. As each infinitely small sound porthole passes the listeners hearing spectrum, the mood and feel of dearest begins to amass. Beautifully sequenced in timing and flow, smellycaт works a special enchantment floating thoughts in a salt laden sea.

A double cassette emitting eroded beats from a flickering pop post nuclear landscape. The remains of civilization found in broken items and distant aspirations. Dearest embodies a sentimental connection to a phased out world. So chilled on the surface but revolving with a dense burning core, holding all thirty one of the tracks together. Smellycaт sniffing the rubble of cultures remains. Bringing treasures back with noble composure. Saying, "don't feel sad, the world has moved on, here are some beautiful memories we can share, hope this makes you a little better". Melancholy vibes sliced with a playful whimsy. Smellycaт is a wise creature.

Released on the Amek Collective label. Dearest came out in April of this year in an edition of thirty five. There are copies available from the label site and from the smellycaт bandcamp page. Lost in a Sea of Sound did another description for a Amek Collective cassette release titled Filament by Mytrip. This is available on vinyl now from the labels site.

smellycaт - bandcamp - facebook
Amek Collective site - facebook

Friday, August 4, 2017

noisepoetnobody - Fissure

Percussive pressings reverberating through worldly history. Fissure has a sublime organic essence, modern and ancient in parallel. These rumblings and rattlings bleed through the fabrics of civilizations. Hints of both sacred temples and forgotten tombs, colliding together and creating a startling awakening from lengthy meditation.

Noisepoetnobody weaves a tapestry of sound. Fragments of majestic moments joined in a seamless symphony of tightly bonded notes. There are not tracks on Fissure. Just two parts divided by a momentary flip or reverse of the cassette. One long composition where noisepoetnobody is joined with Eveline Müller. Strings, springs boards spiraling together with bowls, bows and blades. In what reads as potential mayhem, Fissure brightly glows with comforting warmth. Patient, never overstretching into industrial cacophony. Sounds for imaginative minds, melded together by creative consciousnesses.

Released on the eh? label out of Richmond, California. eh? is related to Public Eyesore Records, not totally sure how they fold together, but that is only a detail. Together Public Eyesore Records and eh? have hundreds of releases over many years. Fissure is an excellent listening path into a well established venue for sounds both contracting and expanding into audible thresholds.

Sound Sample

Public Eyesore / eh? site - facebook
noisepoetnobody - facebook
Eveline Müller - facebook

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Alex Crispin – Idle Worship

We are fortunate with the vast amount of music able to be heard. Imagine living in a rural setting two centuries ago, what would your options be? Local folk music or an arduous journey to the city for an opera or symphony. Currently the possibilities are so acute, sub genres of music embedded within genres. Properly selected music can dictate moods and feelings, can augment happiness or sorrow, can help meditate or cause anxiety. Listening therapy or hollering rage, sounds created fit like clothes we wear.

And being fortunate, inspiring works like Alex Crispin's Idle Worship are bestowed upon us. Discovering a brilliant ambient dimension while escorted by glowing ethereal companions. Nothing but peacefulness and contentment. Idle Worship bubbles notes from keyboard and strings so naturally, like the Selterswasser spring in the German Taunus mountains. Both possessing organic and unrefined aspects. This composition nears the hour mark floating on skilled creativity. Like releasing fireflies from an infinitely filled mason jar. Vivid energy dispersing into the density of the surrounding world. Only touching the surface for the fifth track "Canopy Dance", exhibiting rhythms around the fires ring. Alex captures long musing moments with nimble ease. A symphony for a clouds edge and it's every changing shape. A contemplative composition allowing the consciousness respite from the daily cognitive routines. 

Idle Worship was released on Sounds Of The Dawn in the spring of this year in an edition of one hundred. The label ringing the diving bell deep beneath the ambient ocean. The Sounds Of The Dawn site has a very cool blog highlighting meditative cassette wonders of the past. Also cassette releases of their own. Looks like five total with three still available including Idle Worship. Lunaria was an earlier release described on Lost In A Sea Of Sound less than a year ago.

Sounds Of The Dawn site - bandcamp - facebook
Alex Crispin site

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tölva - Manudaga

Sound traveling through space, infinite amounts of time across vast distances. On this journey, a single rhythm or binary series of code begins to evolve. A solo note like a single cell organism changing and mutating. Casting off what does not help progress and focusing in on the complexities of survival. Manudaga  has arrived at the planets atmospheric periphery. Theses intricate tracks benefiting from undisturbed evolution. Just like Earth's inhabitants possible beginning, the far reaches of space delivering a new alien nostalgia.

With the help of BLIGHT. Records, Tölva has created ten tracks exploring electronic grooves and emitting the warmest glow. These sounds have roots in all consuming bass, shooting forth wild growth and reaching for absorbing consciousnesses. Manudaga plays like a soundtrack, imaginations turning, generating images and scenarios steeped in solid rhythms and sparkling structure.There is a delightfully obscure quality as each track engages, elongating then finding position in the currents smooth flow. Sound wavelengths transformed, a metamorphosis through empty space, finally reaching their distant counterparts. Manudaga is one to keep in the tape player. 

This cassette was released earlier this year in an edition of sixty. Pro dubbed by National Audio Company and brought to the surface by the Washington D.C. label BLIGHT. Records. Copies are currently available as well as a few newer releases from the label.

BLIGHT. Records - bandcamp - facebook

Monday, July 24, 2017

Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie - Polarities

Somewhere in the cathartic flow of drone is a seam. A stitch in the fabric of sounds connected to make one continuous outpouring. As the music we hear wears into our lives, this comforting shell of harmony begins to deteriorate and expose its impermanent nature. Just like water seeping through, our cold air finding route, Polarities tears at the waning ambient fortitude. Trickling through the gap with dimensional cacophony, then filling all minds with an alternative and unknown beauty.

Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie have combined talents again. These artists engaged efforts after a long hiatus with two cassettes released on Elevator Bath in January and June of this year. Titled Essential Anatomies, both cassettes were described here on Lost in a Sea of Sound. These cassettes have since sold out from the label's inventory, but have been reinstalled on a beautiful double lp release by Elevator Bath. The vinyl is available!

There are many similarities between Polarities and Essential Anatomies. Some could even describe Polarities as a continuation of the Elevator Bath releases. The difference lies in the subtle quality of the Polarities cassette. Sounds seeping through the crevasses of our regimented routines, connecting thoughts to the vast distances these notes have traveled from. Exposing like a focused magistrate the conduction of orchestral dichotomy. As once Essential Anatomies tilted towards the grandiose, a symphony in scope and spectrum,  Polarities plays the role of a long sonatina. A concise mood or feeling exposed through the vacancy of molecules holding worlds together.

Released on the Belgium label Tanuki Records near the start of summer. Polarities is in an edition of one hundred with copies currently available. Tanuki has two new July releases deserving a listen as well.

Tanuki Records - bandcamp - facebook
Elevator Bath site bandcamp - facebook

Friday, July 21, 2017

Totally Boring - Otherbird

The front porch opening to vistas formed under uncomprehendable amounts of time. Rusty wind chimes collecting unseen movements of air. Totally Boring sounds are filled with depth, a temporal richness. Like the warm fire pushing out against the chill of the dark night. An energized undercurrent of drone with mists of harmonies steaming up through cracks and crevasses.

Otherbird is four tracks just under twenty five minutes. The composition is seamlessly congruent making one complete listening experience in it's unfolding. Tethered to organic earth, using avion sounds perched on echoing strings. Somehow Otherbird captures feelings with inviting comfort. More for sitting and dreaming rather than social gregariousness. Touches of banjo root this to folklore and foothills. A weathered and warm gem. Mesmerizing in patient laziness, stimulating the minds imagination.

Otherbird was released in late March on Already Dead Tapes and Records. This cassette is in an edition of sixty and is currently available from Already Dead. Totally Boring is a pillar for majestic ambience in the label's catalog.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Totally Boring - facebook - bandcamp

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Somnoroase Păsărele ‎– PATRU

Energy is all around us. So much... saturating articles we do not readily expect. Like a rock, chair, book or wall, objects most deem as inanimate. Within these dormant bodies, vibrations of past times are stored. Somnoroase Păsărele has forged the key to unlock these hidden and forgotten fluxes of undulating molecules, infusing unheard vibrancy with their exquisite refined charm.

Looking through an old photo album, pictures of past lives fill every page. Some with smiles on their faces or looks of surprise, others perturbed for some reason, the expressions are infinite. From this frozen glimpse it must be inferred the mood of the occasion. Each person carries their own melodies through life. The picture is only superficial portrayal of the moment it is taken. On PATRU, Somnoroase Păsărele channels the inner harmonies of the spiritual flow embedded within the photograph. The connection with this medium is not completely understood, only Somnoroase Păsărele finds these threads, in turn producing grooves crossing the haunting edges of our dimension. PATRU is a release of collected passions and turmoils, an aural field utilizing a unheard magnitude in its construct. Here sounds flow as easily backwards as forwards. There is an alien beauty listeners can only appreciate by trying not to fathom the creative mesh conceiving them. Superb musical quality hanging the axe on the well worn nail. Frequently removed and sharpened for both destruction and creation. Somnoroase Păsărele fells the conventional and rebuilds the unimaginable. Beautiful through every listen, PATRU is another great place to rest in.

Released on Czaszka Records in an edition of forty copies. Unfortunately this has sold out. This Edinburgh label has three new releases for July making sixteen total. Many earlier releases are sold out like PATRU. Keep an ear on Czaszka for obscure and cool sounds from the fringe.
Somnoroase Păsărele has a very new cassette release on the sweet Portland label Never Anything Records. DEMO was released in July and is currently available.

There are two copies of PATRU on discogs if interested in the physical.

Somnoroase Păsărele - facebook - soundcloud
czaszka (rec.) site - bandcamp - facebook 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dotson - Indifference

Electric static forms a sphere with slow increasing rotation. The power heard and articulated like an engine firing after multiple tries. Consciousness, talent and experience combining to spark potential horsepower into creative speed. As these tracks form and start to purr, the listener is rewarded with the positive sounds of grooved out contrasting dimensions combining.

Dotson pushes the imaginative thresholds of rhythm and scope. When first listening to Indifference, thinking futuristic dub tied in with the first track "Reification". This became a narrow minded assessment as the following tracks unfolded. Indifference is a meteor storm of debris, chaotic in approach as these sounds burn through the atmosphere. Larger clusters of melodies exploding with a choreographed assault. There is a deep underlying current of a tightly woven electronic notes, being pummeled by beats high above. Dotson utilizes the world as the recording canvass. Hints of influence from Gamelan and Japanese resonance flicker with a Motown smoothness of groove. A slightly haunting feeling follows though the course of Indifference. This obviously rest with an creative imagination foreign to the path most take.

Released this year on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. This is the third release for Dotson on Already Dead.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Dotson - bandcamp - facebook