Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Solid Waste - Visions

Solid Waste is back with Dismal Niche for an incredible sounding vinyl release. In this edition, the ambient sunrise pulling on tethers the night holds firmly. Musical genres lining up in a parallel formation. Discarded eighties new wave reshaped and honed to healing crystal vibrations. Real rhythms, emanating from small pockets around the world, gliding with new harmonic purpose. Solid Waste channeling cosmic connections and creating a sonic heavy.

Nate, Josh and Mario are the tightly woven force. The five tracks on this record sparkle with a purity in iconic splendor. Each piece a grandiose vignette. Separate cinema soundtracks all joining forces for a marathon in savory styles. Starting of with the longest track, Kühle Flōte, Solid Waste reveals what they are all about. Almost meditative ambiance changing a gear into a night cruise on the Autobahn. Subsequent tracks seem to follow a similar pattern, primal beginnings, blossoming into a pageantry of synthesizer grooves. My Vision for a Tropical Contact High, cruising late with Crockett and Tubbs in Miami... With such rich and well crafted melodies, this composition will easily connect with many experiences in listener's lives.

A second Solid Waste release for the Dismal Niche label. Stands to reason since both the label and artists are what it is all about. The Solid Waste cassette, Long Slow Dream is still available from the label and also had some descriptive words written here by Lost In A Sea Of Sound. In the two years between these releases, Solid Waste has been working hard. You can tell when Visions is playing. Fully deserving the nice vinyl with well done jackets.

Dismal Niche site - facebook - bandcamp

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ryan Kayhart - Dead Flower People

Ryan Kayhart thinks in different wavelengths. His new cassette titled Dead Flower People, an aurally displayed cross section of mutated thoughts and patterns. The entire mental anomaly seemingly recorded on a wobbly reel to reel machine. Pop music left alone too long, like a millennia, now evolved  into the unrefined aura emanating from the glowing life forms hovering just above the radiated ground. Ryan traveled back through time, maybe for a chili and a frosty, oh... and to leave us a sample of the future.

So many sounds to hear. Each track of Dead Flower People spiritually summoning a myriad of genres and styles. Altered realities trapped in ten miniature urns, each holding prismatic colored ashes that float when the lids are opened. Don't investigate two tracks at once, a possible violent reaction can occur, like anti matter mixing with matter. Listen to Dead Flower People in the the sequence provided, never playing two tapes simultaneously. This is from personal experience. When listening to the cassette, made the mistake of clicking play on the digital version. The ground ripped open, warm air forcing oddly shaped inflated grub worms to pour out. Grabbing hold, the colony of jumbo insects moved hastily towards a pulsating low frequency harmonic oracle. This ritual seemed ancient. A bearded figure playing an unfamiliar flute like instrument pausing to sing in ritualistic tones, the other worldly insects diving and passing through the flickering dimensional being then somehow phasing out of existence.

Ryan Kayhart playing pop music with out the p's. Only a circle, the middle, a hub gathering and disseminating sounds. A playing card clicking against the sonic spokes as the wheel slowly revolves in a timeless existence. Youthful playfulness exponentially unbounded, jumping the ramp between dimensions.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in August. This is currently available from the label's site. Totally deserving multiple listens. A complex composition looking like a math equation equaling a smiley face wearing headphones.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Ryan Kayhart - facebook - bandcamp

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Inner Travels - Sea of Leaves

Inner Travels arrives again with the ninety nine percent pure ambient serenity. Just under and hour, electronics in a massive galactic centrifuge pasting the rim of felicity. Promoting a placid peacefulness, Sea of Leaves flirts with the construct of conscientiousness, brainwaves in a similar sine pattern to life itself. Seven tracks flowing gracefully together, but with subtle diversity as different tonal paths are taken. Another shimmering oasis for weary souls, fortunately this one is so real.

Going back and peeking at the Inner Travels discography on the useful discogs site, was very telling. Of the ten releases (just what was on discogs) since 2014, most everything is gone. Not even the single high priced individual used copy. To be totally accurate there are a couple of the Phinery label release Bakasyiong, but beyond that.... There is this gorgeous composition on Inner Islands in an edition of one hundred. Not sure what the count is now, but from the number of little supported by squares on bandcamp, the availability of Sea of Leaves is definitely dwindling. There is also one release, a split with Electric Sound Bath surfacing in October on the new label Aural Canyon. The first edition of fifty sold out but a second edition of fifty is now available. The point to this, Inner Islands is connecting with the current of worldly consciousness, a flow disappearing in all directions over the horizon of time.

Saving the best for last, Deep Sea Sojourn flips all the neurons in the brain. This is the last track of the cassette and the longest. Standing out with a different tone from the rest of the composition, this aural undertow pulls away the tension. A grounding foundation to everyday existence. A beautiful final track for another edition of Inner Travels wavelengths.

Inner Islands site - bandcamp - facebook
Inner Travels site  - bandcamp - facebook - soundcloud

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Eargoggle - The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel

The Eargoggle has been stumbling through the tape deck for a while now. There is so much in this composition, from moments of sweet grooved out rhythms turning into a narrow alley of rusty protruding pop hooks. It is easy to loose yourself in The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel and this is good. A vast amount of incredible musical arrangements is needed to equal the thought filled lyrics filling every track. So much to hear, the first listen is overwhelming, like some one just spilling there life out in a chance meeting. Digest, press play again, absorb the subtlety of the extremely talented Eargoggle.

Connecting with Ezra Gales sound is substantial task. Have you ever fiddled with one of those four digit combination locks. Turning each tumbler, usually difficult to spin because of grip or tension. Finally the numbers line up and the lock is still stuck. You have to compress it before it releases. The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel reminds me of opening one of these locks. Ezra has so many changes, tempo, style and feelings, each track another turn, each track has to catch. The lyrics are delivered in arrays that fit precisely and also seemed crammed into place. This is real not polished. This is the sticky lock that plagues your attention to get open. What it holds inside is well worth the time. How ever long it takes, unlatch this one into your consciousness.

There are definitely connections to a swath of artists and albums from my own experiences. Each track seems to tether back, making me think how accomplished Ezra is. The staggering fact, The Eargoggle is at the level of many well known modern artist yet virtually unknown outside of a small sphere. And without being lost in the descriptive ramblings, make note, Ezra plays a wicked bass.

This was released on the Very Special Recordings label based in Brooklyn, New York. From the label's 2015 start, The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel is the twelfth composition. The Eargoggle should get your full attention.

Very Special Recordings - facebook - bandcamp
The Eargoggle - bandcamp

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Brundlefly & the Swede - "Pretense"

Dear Mr Swede & Mr Brundlefly,
Thank you for sending your energy my way. The vinyl album and it's home red line above all vinyl standards. I listened to your album five or six times consecutively. I read the "Making" story of the album on the website. Yes, writing about music is hard, but you did a splendid job relaying reasons for the existence of "Pretense". Very thankful you have belief in my listening and writing skills, and the thought i could possibly be a set of fresh ears.

The music you have created is obviously an accumulation of vasts amounts of experience, skill and passion. The immense diversity of rhythms, beats, influences, playing styles, harmonic shifts..... makes this a difficult record to describe. From reading your description of how much went into this, it makes sense while listening. There are many comparisons that come to mind, these constantly change throughout each track. Interesting you mentioned the second side homage to Yes' Closer to the Edge. I kept hearing a Yes vibe on the first track Pretense. Not ever a dominant current, just hints here and there. There were moments when I thought of Wakeman's Journey to the Center of the Earth composition. Another thought that surfaced was the story of the band Rush and the creation of La Villa Strangiato. "Pretense" seems to be a an epic en devour having equivalence to the painstaking writing and tweaking behind the final song on the Hemisphere album.

Although the music styles are different, this album reminds me of the 1981 recording by Simon Jeffes and Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Simon took three years to record that album. From reading, you all took four years to complete "Pretense". As quoted by Brian Eno, "Simon had a non-allegiance to any particular music category." This is the case for your composition. Traveling from rock to jazz with horns and a big band sound, the aural landscape has been completely radiated. The question i have, is where do you go from here?

The high level of thought and devotion going into to Pretense is matched by this being a giant slab of vinyl. Can they make records any thicker? Gorgeous and radical artwork, matching the bewildering qualities within. Love the binding of this gate fold, like a book. This release will survive the decaying properties of time and astonish future listeners for years to come.

Appreciate being included with this monumental output. Thanks Jason and Matthew. This was a great exploration.

Lost In A Sea Of Sound.

Copies of "Pretense" are available from the Brundlefly & the Swede bandcamp page.

Shoddy Merchandise site
Brundlefly & the Swede - bandcamp

Monday, December 4, 2017

Charles Barabé & Ratkiller - Avant​-​Garde Avorton Romantique / Transrational Suite

Another complete beast of a release to describe. Musicians like Charles Barabé & Ratkiller are looking back at the Earth from some infinite vantage point. Listeners like insects with no understanding of the musical creativity looking down upon us. This split titled Avant​-​Garde Avorton Romantique / Transrational Suite, do i need to even write more?

There are really fantastic connections between the Charles Barabé side and the Ratkiller reverse. Both have a underlying current of The Baroque. A wide array of instrumentation producing both playfulness and tension. Dramatic pirouettes of sound rotating on precarious foundations.

Avant​-​Garde Avorton Romantique by Charles Barabé is like a modern day Carl Stalling composition, describing a vibrant world with complex sounds. This music fires like an animated V16 Cadillac Series 452 engine. The cut away showing the vast array of parts working together and as the image zooms in, details of tiny android like beings all performing their individual tasks to make the motor run. In my meager attempt to compare, Penguin Cafe Orchestra replaced with with eyeball heads wearing top hats.

Transrational Suite by Ratkiller is a reflection of sound from side A that seems to travel below the water surface. More subtle and dense, but like the first side with both exuberance and drama. This music expands into unknown worlds, retrieving information yet to be understood. The longest track of the cassette, "An Attempted Dialogue Between Man and Fish", is a telling mark of  Ratkiller's ability to connect the space between nostalgic beauty and the murky depths.

Released on Crash Symbols this October in a limited edition of one hundred. Down to three copies remaining as this is written. Both sides beautiful and haunting simultaneously. A cassette that sinks in over many listens.                                     

Crash Symbols site - bandcamp - facebook

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Valle de Galgos - El Domo Spitzerwelt

The transfer of energy across a multitude of mediums is a relatively silent affair. For example, even though the sun creates noise, sound can not travel across the vacuum of space. Scientist can recreate these sounds using satellites like the Transition Region And Coronal Explorer. They have turned visible vibrations into sonic form and time lapsed the process. What does this sound like? There is a debate concerning the resemblance to the ancient Hindu Om mantra.

Let's connect Valle de Galgos who are Atilio Sanchez and Pablo Picco, to the recreation of the hidden sounds of energy. In this beautiful composition titled El Domo Spitzerwelt, harmonium, electronics, voice and field recordings are used with tethers to an ancient and spiritual tone. The example of a star's noise could easily be transferred to the energy flow within the mind of every living being. Valle de Galgos has ushered this internal radiance to the surface. A droning epic filled with scattered diversity, much like the Helios eruptions heard in the reproduction of the noise from space. A base of breathing harmonium, supporting a eddy filled current of both mundane and mysterious manifestations. With the skillful and experienced abilities of Atilio and Pablo, transfering internal feelings and emotions into sound, modern drone music is steadily approaching classic Indian ragas. Replace the harmonium with a tanpura, synthesizer for sarangi and recordings like El Domo Spitzerwelt provide continuity of all energy and its dimensional emanation.

If you have read this, listened to the music and are interested, do not wait! As this is posted, there is only one cassette remaining from Tymbal Tapes. In fact, the label has sold out pretty much everything. With cassette runs of fifty to seventy five, this is worthy notch to carve out. Awesome 2017 Tymbal Tapes, Thank You!

Tymbal Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Bardo Todol - bandcamp

Friday, December 1, 2017

Imbue - Ghost Stories

Music has a way of conveying emotion. No words needed to be said, just elongated sounds rumbling across the space time freely gives. The tones here have laid dead, but somehow now channeled to our current continuum by a mysterious connection to the spiritual void. Imbue has locked in and uncovered this hidden pulsating resonance. Pulled back from a future where brightness has dimmed and fragments of the past are thrown asunder. Ghost Stories holds no allegiance to chronological order, future dead is the same as past dead. 

Like a maelstrom of music genres listened to as a black and white negative, there is a stark and unsettling quality to these tracks. Nine total with guests Sobright, iAlive & Carl Kavorkian and Cop Funeral featured on a third of them. A swirling, droning cacophony coming into hearing focus with an undercurrent of heavy bass and crisp percussion. These mutations approach the listening current of mainstream recognition, but are quickly disintegrated as the listening experience moves on. The title track is divided into two parts with iAlive & Carl Kavorkian adding the only true vocals on Ghost Stories Pt. 1, a menacing rap running from the search light of conformity. Imbue crosses energy currents and fries the spiritual conduit. Leaving a listening mass of solemn beats and echoes reaching into nebulous space. Ghost Stories is a breathing emotional integrity with just the right amount of twisted knurls.

Another release beyond categorization from  Already Dead Tapes and Records. In an edition of one hundred hand numbered cassettes. This entered the world in October and copies are currently available.


Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Excessive Visage - You Are Lost Anyway

When so many genres of music collide there is an explosion. Ears bleeding as the mind tries to process what's beyond logic. Like the clever trick old sci-fi movies used to defeat the calamitous computer, present an unanswerable question. What kind of music is Excessive Visage? My mind hurts trying to write these words....

With a little bit of so many styles in You Are Lost Anyway, the best way to start would be to describe what stands out. The band by far. Larissa Blau, Torsten Lang, Simon Preuß, and Christoph Dehne, tight and rolling these tunes out together, yet playful and full of savvy wit. This is a very experienced group and they can rock with a landslide of power. Over forty minutes of notes and chords precisely laid out with perfectly attenuated percussion. All formulated and composed by some consortium of reclusive idiot savants who only live and breathe majestic rock album masterpieces. The music alone is a well achieved tricky beast, but add Larissa Blau and her voice. Like a lasso spinning in the air, no escape for all in range of theses snaring decibels. There are moments when you can hear a faint ska rhythm, maybe a connection to how deep the roots grow for these musicians. They surely have listened to a hefty amount so much varied music. There are many bands that could be used to give Excessive Visage some barometer, by the time they are brought up for discussion, the music has already past the point. This is like a violent yet controlled regurgitation of sound.  I have emailed the music scholars urging them to investigate this sonic flow.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in November. In an edition of one hundred hand numbered cassettes. Cassettes are available in the states from Already Dead and in Germany from the Excessive Visage bandcamp page. This band is currently playing shows in and around Germany. They have a few compact discs and vinyl releases. This Already Dead edition could be the first cassette.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Excessive Visage - bandcamp - facebook

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

David Maranha - Cai​-​Bem

Interesting this album is titled Cai-Bem. The Portuguese to English translation loosely means goes good or sits well. David Maranha's new full length on Tanuki Records steers far from ambient float and spiritual fluff. These sounds do not sit well and the going is in another direction from good. So Cai-Bem? A smile when it came time to name this or some knowledge yet to be understood by the listening world. Theses musicians have created, or opened is a better term, a small dimensional valve. Noise is elongated and pulled from our reality. A droning epic slipping through a spacial gap to small for so much talent. This creates a sonic environment that is slightly uncomfortable. Like sound is being pulled out of you rather than flowing into your thoughts. Cai-Bem is an oddity with twisted beauty so askew, music scholars will need to investigate.

David Maranha gathered multiple hands in the composition of the album. His fellow creators moved in new directions, all playing unaccustomed instruments. This group includes Margarida Garcia, Miguel Abras, Manuel Mota, and of course David Maranha. With organ, bass, shruti box, drums, vocals, and tape manipulation, Cai-Bem is a slow sonic upheaval. High pitched droning mixed with deep cyclic resonating bass. Out of phase percussion keeps the lid from screwing on tight. Like a high pressure leak, the entire listen is in the dangerous red zone of exploding. Thanks to this experienced bomb disposal unit, these sounds let off tremendous energy, with no harm to consciousnesses in close proximity. Aural breath just behind your shoulder, the sound sending shivers, the source shrouded in obscurity. A truly haunting escapade through a black and white negative of Cai-Bem.

This is the first full length vinyl release for the Belgium label Tanuki Records. Number twenty eight in the Tanuki catalog. The going will be difficult for future vinyl label releases to equal this metaphysical debut. A completely unique sonic experience. Available from the labels bandcamp page.

Tanuki Records - bandcamp - facebook